The Art and Music of Dan Smith

Not A Whistle is the name of this whimsical instrument. It could be called a Beat Keeper or a Rhythm Maker, but what is it? Well... it's not a whistle.

In the center of this piece is a seat where I sit while playing guitar and harmonica. In front near the floor are eleven pedals that can be pressed to make a variety of percussion sounds: a shaker, a washboard, some cajons, a bell, a cymbal, a tone block, and a vibraslap.

This project has been entered into the 2015 Art Prize contest being held in Grand Rapids this fall. So, expect some stories about that experience!

Here's a short sample showing "Not A Whistle" in action:

Art Prize 7 was terrific!

I was fortunate enough to have Not-A-Whistle selected to be shown at Saladworks, a restaurant downtown on the corner of Iona and Weston. The owners there were very flexible in letting me perform music at any time they were open, so I was able to give demonstrations on 15 of the 18 days of Art Prize. I met amazing people. Some sang along, some danced, and most laughed. That fulfilled my mission to add positive vibes to Art Prize and have a great experience!